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STANNco's News

Posted by STANNco - December 13th, 2022

It's been exactly 1 year since Pengu Saves Christmas was released

Where for 12 days leading up to christmas a new level was released to the public

( and many tweaks and bugfixes where made )

I would of course have loved to make a sequel, but since it was such an involved project, and some of us had gotten really busy there was no time. Tho i am happy to see that some people came back to see Pengu once more!

Also check out the Tankmas ADVENTure! You might see a familiar face ( :

Maybe Pengu will get some more games, maybe even a fully fledged game sold on steam and nintendo-switch and and and... Yeah that'd be nice, no matter what happens i'm sure you'll see more of him!

Special thx to @chocoholicmonkey for being such an amazing friend,

making art for Pengu and teaching him how to read.

Special thx to @stepford for being a huge help when we made the game, and encouring everyone

to join Pengu on his adventure.

Special thx to @fractalcounty (who accidentally deleted his original NG account)

for making amazing music for the game.

Special thx to @brandybuizel for including a Pengu cookie avatar in the Tankmas ADVENTure game.

And special thx to all who played Pengu's game, recorded speedruns, left constructive reviews, and drew art for him.




Posted by STANNco - July 18th, 2022

Me and @chocoholicmonkey have worked hard the last (i think 2 months?!?) on this animation parody of Death Stranding, and i think we'll be able to share it before the end of this week, so i am very excited, and i hope you'll be on the lookout for it too!

here's a sneaky peek


When it finally arrives, be sure to share it far and wide, it's been a long time since i've animated a whole video. So i hope ya'll like it! (also Choco's backgrounds and character designs are amazing)



Posted by STANNco - March 23rd, 2022

If you didn't see it, Bulb Boy was released. Me and @chocoholicmonkey made it in 2 weeks as part of the #NoticeMeGamejam hosted by Opera & Gamemaker studio. After the formalities of that was over we shared here on newgrounds as well of course.

After getting some valid feedback here we've now updated it a smidge to fix bugs and make it a less stressful experience, the "changelog" is at the bottom of the description.

If you've reviewed it prior and had gripes with it hope you'll give it another try (:

Play Bulb Boy here!


Also if you'd like, the song i made for the game Dim Light is here

We'd like to try continuing with this "universe" and maybe making a fully fledged game at some point, any publishers feeling cool about this project hit me up haha. Now go play



Posted by STANNco - March 16th, 2022

Me and @chocoholicmonkey has worked for the past 2 weeks on a new little game for the NoticeMe Gamemaker studio gamejam.

It will first be published on OperaGX as part of the competition, but following that after some slight tweaks we will try to add it here on Newgrounds as well. Tho i'd really appreciate ya'll checking it out there as well if you can (:

Here's some stuff to see




Posted by STANNco - March 6th, 2022

I've made some lil games and shared, and i think people like them!

I hope to make more, tho with everything going on i am very bummed, i will personally be fine, but i am seeing it's physical effects on friends. Recent games and projects would not be possible without someone like @chocoholicmonkey for example. Who's one of the best amazing friends i know. (they made all the pretty art in Pengu Saves Christmas, among other thing)


So be kind to the people that are in the midst of it. Ukrainians, but also Russians who in large numbers had nothing to do with this situation, they're being hailed as villains of the world right now, and that doesn't feel nice when you played no part. I hope and wish there's an end in sight sooner than later, for everyone's sake





Posted by STANNco - December 29th, 2021

Thank you for playing!

Pengu saves christmas


It is only my second completed game, but people have enjoyed it a whole lot, and for that i am grateful.

Since Dec 13th all the way to Dec 24th, we worked hard to try and make the experience as enjoyable as possible, there was a handful of hiccups and bugs throughout, and the levels were not all given the same amount of care because of time restrictions, but in the end I'm still proud of what we got to make. And happy you got to play it!

Special thanks

Super special thanks to @chocoholicmonkey Who painted the beautiful calendar image, as well as a number of in-game sprites. The cookies, Seal, and some of the character sprites for the winning parts


Go rate the final pic here

Special thanks to @stepford Who helped me with programming and a good handful of levels, they made the bulk of the achievements, made the timer work, and a bunch of other cool stuff for the game. Follow them and you'll be sure to see a lot of other cool games!

Special thanks to @fractalcounty Who made the Theme song you hear in the game, it was a very long process, but the final version really gets you in the mood to groove!

Hear and rate the song here

Final thoughts

The year is about to end, and Pengu is gonna take a long nap. One day he might return for other lil adventures, no promises, but i'm sure he'll hop around again eventually. Though i think he's saved Christmas enough for now




Posted by STANNco - December 9th, 2021

Pengu saves Christmas

I've been hard at work creating a lil Christmas game starring Pengu. He's searching for friends of Newgrounds to invite them to a lil Christmas party!

There's 12 levels planned with first level is planned to be released Dec 13.

And a new one each day, with a cameo.

Visuals may change





Posted by STANNco - October 28th, 2021




Posted by STANNco - August 17th, 2021

When i was a little boy my biggest dream was to become a famous youtuber for making animations.

That dream went to shit. But at least newgrounds is still a thing, even after all these years.

Here's some recent stuff I'm working on. If you see my page you've noticed the characters.

Bunny-Ball A sidescroller ball beat-em-up (i have no idea when i'll be done, but i hope to make it a real fully fledged game to be put on steam, and maybe even the switch)

Early development






Posted by STANNco - August 13th, 2021


The artists have been found. I would have loved to commission all of you. But even 200$ easily get's spent with commission prices. Should i win another game jam in the future with a bigger price pool. I'll commission more haha!


as stated here, the winners for the Egg themed Game jam was just announced, and i got in 4th place with splat chicken. Meaning i am now 200$ richer. That's too much money to hold tho,

so I will commission you artists to draw The chick herself!!!

If you are interested reply with your price, and I might DM you for it!!


Also Share on Twitter :3